The Wonders of Wool


– Wool is regarded as an ‘active fibre’ meaning that it reacts naturally to changes in body temperature, keeping one warm in a cold environment but cooler as the outside temperature increases.

– The microscopic bristles on wool fibres minimize the presence of dust-mites, making pure wool garments ideal for wearers who suffer from allergies.

The natural elasticity of wool allows it to gently stretch with use and wear but then return to its original shape.

Pure wool is naturally resistant to bacteria and to mold and is considered one of the most breathable materials in the natural world.

Being naturally flame-resistant, wool is a preferred choice of hospitals, hotels and especially nurseries.


An ‘active fibre’ – warm in cold weather and cool in warmer climes

Resistant to bacteria and to mold

Naturally flame-resistant – preferred material in hotels, hospitals & nurseries

Bio-degradable – naturally decomposes releasing nutrients back into the earth

Naturally elastic and breathable – gently stretches to fit and then returns to original shape

Resistant to odours and harmful U-V rays

Naturally resistant to dust-mites makes Wool attractive to allergy sufferers.

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